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Testimonials (more)

  • The enormity of the material on either the Life Pricing or Financial Reporting exam is daunting and, at times, downright scary. The ACE Seminar helped to calm my nerves by showing that the material could be adequately reviewed in a short period of time. I found their practice problems to be particularly useful – Ben and Jacob clearly showed the path from problem to solution on a wealth of questions that were either constructed by them or taken from prior exams. I feel that the seminars were critical to my study progress, and with their help I was able to all of my FSA exams on my first try!

    Rich, Bloomington, IL
  • I used the ACE online seminar for the ERM exam.  The seminar was excellent in explaining the concepts.   It was very clear and easy to understand. There were sections of the reading that I could not understand on my own that were made very clear from the ACE seminar.  I truly believe that the ACE seminar was a big reason why I passed the exam.

  • The ACE seminar prepared me for the exam through the range of practice problems and easy to understand explanations. Additionally, Ben and Jake were very willing to stay after the formal lecture to answer any student questions and provide background information when needed. They also shared valuable test taking advice – which can be crucial for first timers on the written answer exams. Lastly the depth and scope of the seminar balanced the big picture concepts with the more detailed ones. I highly recommend this seminar for those planning to write the Life Pricing exam.

  • You know if you weren't such good teachers, maybe you'd get repeat business.

    Sam, Cedar Rapids


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  • Online Seminars for LFV, LP, LRM, and ERM are ready!

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AceManuals.com was created to complement our live seminars with a more on-demand environment that would allow students to study at their own pace and on their own schedule.

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